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Image of locally made meal from cura kitchen based in Phoenix Arizona


made local

Sourced Local
Prepped Local
Delivered Local
Serving Arizona
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Sourced Local.
Prepped Local.
Delivered Local.
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Personalized Meals.
Your Allergies.
Your Preferences.
No Gluten.
No Soy.
No Dairy.
No Seed Oils.
No Refined Sugar.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee to cover your first week of meals We're just that confident in our food.

Reported benefits of Cura Kitchen.

Using food as medicine.


Decrease Inflammation


Improve gut health


Manage Blood Sugar


Shed Excess Weight


Boost Energy and Mood

Check out our meal plans!

We have a variety of locally made meal plans perfect for you - Paleo, Keto, AIP, Pescitarean, Vegetarian, Detox and more! We're able to customize each meal so its exactly what you need and so it aligns with your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Locally Made Paleo Meal Prep
Keto meal with local ingredients
Meal with locally sourced ingredients
"It is rare that I find something so exceptional that it exceeds my expectations, and the meals delivered by Cura Kitchen did just that.  The quality, flavor and quantity were amazing. I found myself eagerly looking forward to the next meal each day.  As a doctor, I highly recommend Cura Kitchen for your unique dietary needs with any medical condition. Cheers!"

- Dr. Larke, Thrive Regenerative Medicine

New News and Notable Notables

Stay in the loop and learn about whats happening with Cura Kitchen

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